X781: Remove Node

Consider the following class definitions:

public class LinkedChain<T> {
    private Node<T> firstNode;
    private int numberOfEntries;

    public LinkedChain() {
        firstNode = null;
        numberOfEntries = 0;
    }// end default constructor

    public Node<T> getfirstNode() {
        return firstNode;

    public int getNumberOfEntries() {
        return numberOfEntries;

    public void push(T newEntry) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        firstNode = new Node<T>(newEntry, firstNode);

Where Node is defined as:

public class Node<T> {
     private T data; // Entry in bag
     private Node<T> next; // Link to next node

     public Node(T dataPortion) {
         this(dataPortion, null);
     } // end constructor

     public Node(T dataPortion, Node<T> nextNode) {
         data = dataPortion;
         next = nextNode;
     } // end constructor

     public T getData() {
         if (data != null) {
             return data;
         return null;

     public Node getNext() {
         return next;

     public void setNext(Node<T> newNext) {
         next = newNext;

Below, write a Linked Chain method. that will take in a reference to a node in the chain as a parameter and remove that node from the chain.

For example, if the linked chain looked like this:

A --> B --> C --> D

and the parameter was:

desiredNode = the node containing B

this method would change the chain to:

A --> C --> D

If the node referenced is null or not in the linked chain, the code should not alter the linked chain. Remember to update the numberOfEntries variable!

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